Your Responsibilities in Managing Construction Waste

The Protection of Environment Operations Act requires that all the construction waste should be transported to a place that is lawfully permitted for disposal. Both the generator of waste and the one who carries it are held responsible if the Act is violated.

Follow all the legal procedures before disposing your waste or you might have to pay hefty fines and penalties. Keep a record of the kind of waste, waste transporter and the time and place of disposal. This will help you in case you are charged for violating waste management rules.

Skip bin hire

Hiring skip bins is the best solution for disposing construction waste. There are many skip bin hire companies that offer a wide range of services as per your requirement. Skip bins are available in various sizes ranging from three cubic metres to about twenty cubic metres.

Skip bin Perth has online portal which you can order easily and get the skip bins delivered at your construction site. They take complete responsibility for transportation and disposal.

Do your bit of research before choosing the right skip bin hire service. Make sure that it is accredited and licensed by the Occupational Health and Safety Act. Also see to it that it meets the terms of council by-laws.

Availing a trusted skip bin hire service is very convenient and you can rest assured that your waste is being disposed as per all the rules and regulations.

You can provide all the documented information regarding the waste disposal if you are asked to.

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