Why Should You Not Interview Multiple Agents from the Same Real Estate Agency?

When you need to buy or sell property, however small, it helps to hire real estate agent services. Real estate agents Mitchelton are specially trained to understand their clients’ needs and find them the best suited property accordingly. Furthermore, they have a wide network base through which they shortlist properties based on various aspects.

As an individual buyer or seller you may not be exposed to a wide network. Furthermore, you won’t be aware of all the rules and laws regarding selling and buying property. However, before you begin looking for good Real estate agents Ashgrove, keep in mind that it is never wise to interview multiple agents from the same agency. Here’s why.

Every man for himself

While every real estate agent services firm will compete with other firms on a daily basis, within agencies too every agent competes with each other.

While you may be trying to safeguard your own interests by double checking quotes, figure estimates and sales prices with various agents, by doing so within the same agency it may lead to conflicts. Furthermore, at a later stage when you finally choose a real estate agent, he may not want to work with you as a result of this.

No confidentiality

When you discuss the buying and selling your property with more than one agent within the same enterprise, it will reduce the level of confidentiality. In the long run, this may affect you and your scope of business or final sale or purchase value of the property.

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