What you can Patent

Understanding the patenting process is crucial. Patents in Australia are issued by IP Australia’s patent office and the product/service/item should cover all the aspects and satisfy all the criteria of Patents Act 1990. These include: you can have patents on only technology, i.e. a product, procedure or a composition; the technology should be entirely new and different from the other products in the same area, it has to do what the applicant claims it to, it must be beneficial to those who use them, it must be practical and fully functional and it should gain commercial profits. Finally, it should be innovative and it shouldn’t be an obvious answer to a question.

Why do you need a patent lawyer?

Here are some of the reasons why you need to.

Process explanation

Being a layman, it will be quite difficult to understand the steps involved in the process of trademarks. To make your job easier you can hire Patent Trademark attorney Brisbane Australia who will make you understand the importance of patenting your invention and explain to you the terms and steps which will be involved during the actual act. The lawyer can also tell you the estimated time frame within which the process will be completed to get a secured right on the invention.

Avoids complications

Patenting a particular invention might take years together and may be a very complex case quite a few times. It might also cost you a fortune if you do not know the market pre-set rates and each and every step might add to your expenses. Therefore allow the patent lawyer to understand the level of complexity of patenting your invention and provide you with a quote which comes under your budget.

Lawyers can easily connect with the case and give you a frank opinion on its difficulty to get trademarked. A few times these lawyers also contact other agencies responsible for such work overseas, whose charges can vary depending on the currency fluctuations and the official fee charges. Thus your lawyer will be able to complete your work within the fixed deadline if you trust them and coordinate with them appropriately.