What Kind of Coffee Beans Taste Better When Ground Before Use


Coffee beans are typically cultivated in areas with temperate climate – e.g. Latin America, Africa and others. Coffee is a popular beverage all over the world. A coffee bean is responsible for the aroma and taste of the coffee. To enjoy the taste, coffee is grounded using coffee grinder. There are 2 major types of coffee beans – Arabica and Robusta, apart from a few others. Some of them taste better when ground before use.


Columbian coffee is one of the most widely drunk coffees in the world. It has a bold flavour and is very aromatic. When grounded before use, it tastes really good. It is grown in parts of Columbia. The taste and aroma, however, differ with region. The coffee produced from this bean is high in quality and distinct.

Other varieties

Apart from the above varieties, there are other dark varieties too, which taste better if grounded before use. Some of these varieties are (which mostly fall under the Arabica or Robusta categories): Typica (high-quality beans), Bourbon (rich in taste, produced from conical type plant), Caturra (with a slightly zesty essence), Mundo Novo (a disease resistant coffee bean), and some coffee beans which are roasted (intensity ranging from medium to high).

Dark coffee and ones tasting little bitter in taste are better when grinded and roasted. These can be grinded and roasted at home too, using a coffee grinder. Some of them are grinded when sold, and some of them are freshly roasted and grinded, to maintain the rich taste and aroma in them. Whatever be the variety of coffee bean, coffee is a great beverage to bring in energy and rejuvenate oneself, especially during mornings and evenings.