What is a Security Screen?

Security screen doors are extra attachments or add-ons to existing doors, access or entry points in your home. They’re usually fixed to the frames and casings of doors and provide an additional layer of security to your home.


Screen doors function in the same manner as your traditional doors only that they’re more durable, and made of toughened materials like tempered glass. Security screen or storm doors also have a latticed structure (a grille or trellis) that is usually made from cast iron or stainless steel. Screen grilles that are custom-built not only act as a strong wall of defence but also add to the ambience of the surroundings.

A barrier to inclement weather

Security screen door acts as effective barriers to inclement weather and help save you on your energy bills. A security screen door acts as a robust shielding screen against rain, hailstorm, sleet, ice or snow as it prevents the build up near the entrance. A storm door keeps your home properly ventilated and aerated which means you have to use air conditioners or room heaters less frequently leading to reduction in your utility bills.

Insulation screen

A screen door acts as a barricade by preventing the seepage of air from your rooms through leakages in the conventional door. It also acts as a screen by blocking the entry of insects, dust and grime from outside. During the summer season, hot air from the outside is blocked off as heat conduction is prevented via the main door. Air pockets are created between the screen and the main door that act as padding.

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