What Interior Designers Do

Interior design surely has gained popularity nowadays. Some of the most famous interior designers include Sibyl Colefax, Elsie de Wolfe, Frank Lloyd Wright and Dorothy Draper among others. Surely you may have heard their names. If you have not, it will be likely that you have watched interior design contests or shows in the television such as 60 Minute Makeover or Changing Rooms. But what is it really that make interior designers special?

Melbourne interior designer is the ones responsible for making sure that there is effective use of space and that the functionality of the furniture and the whole room is maximized. It is different from interior decorating in that it involves more science and understanding of the people’s behavior during the planning stages of the design.

Designers are highly skilled in terms of lay outing and space optimization, position of windows to ensure good lighting and ventilation, and the area of acoustics. Moreover, they are knowledgeable about building codes and regulations as well as materials engineering and construction to ensure that the materials they use for decorating are not only beautiful and functional but are safe to use. This also ensures that their designs are sustainable and durable.

There are many areas that an interior design can specialize in. One of this is residential design. This involves the design of home and living spaces. In residential design, the designer must measure up to the needs of the customer. Everything is customized. Sometimes the designer are employed from the beginning of the project but most of the time, they are asked to improve and renovate existing spaces. The most important thing in residential design is that there is an understanding between the client and designer and that they have the same vision in mind

Another area is commercial design. This involves designing a varied array of spaces for commercial use such as malls, supermarkets and departments stores, medical and dental facilities, corporate buildings, bakeshops and restaurants, banks, hotels and casinos, institutional offices, schools, galleries and museums, gyms and stadiums, showrooms, bus and train stations, religious facilities, spas and wellness centers and almost any other space you can think of. Others are more exciting such as the area of theme park design or theatre stage set designs. Some interior designers are even asked to do the design of wedding receptions or birthday parties and anniversaries.

Designers can have different styles and influences in their design. The most popular ones are the Art Deco which originated in Europe and uses streamlined geometric themes, Modern Art, Indigenous Art, and Arab Art.