What Are the Different Types of Medical Negligence Claims?


You can make a claim for compensation from a medically negligent practitioner under various circumstances. As long as it can be proven that you did not receive adequate facilities or proper medical care was not provided to you, your claim is valid. Mostly, claims are made for the following reasons –

  • When the surgical treatment provided is inadequate
  • When the medical practitioner misdiagnoses your health condition
  • When there is an intentional delay in diagnosis which can be potentially harmful to your health
  • When your medical practitioner fails to refer you to proper specialists
  • Cases of negligence during pregnancy such as inadequate pre or post-natal care
  • Negligent behavior by dentist and orthodontists
  • When your doctor fails to warn you of the side-effects of a procedure or fails to take your informed consent for a procedure. Informed consent is when the patient is well aware of the effects of a medical procedure and still chooses to go ahead with it.
  • In cases of wrongful birth where a patient has to deliver a child because the chance to have an abortion was lost due to medical negligence. The costs incurred for raising a child can also be claimed as compensation.
  • When a patient loses the chance or the opportunity to avoid a particular medical condition or suffers an avoidable injury

Consult a Legal Professional

It is important that you discuss the details of the case with medical negligence lawyer first. In some instances, patients may feel that they are victims of negligence when in fact they are not.

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