The Three Main Camera Angles

The three basic camera angles that you are going to use when doing your video production are;

  • Eye level angle

This is the most commonly used angle in corporate production of corporate videos as it is considered to be the most neutral and most people find it to be more flattering when compared to high angle and low angle. The fact that it adds only a little drama to the shoot makes it perfect for corporate video production.

Eye level angle is the angle that you see when you watch romantic comedies or even the news.

  • High angle

This involves shooting down on the subject of your video or even having the camera situated higher than the subject. This usually gives the subject a childlike look and is mostly used in videos that want to portray the subject as being younger than they actually are.

  • Low angle

This has an opposite effect to that of the high angle. It involves shooting up your subject and it gives the subject a mature, foreboding or intimidating look.

Depending on what you want to accomplish using your video production, these three angles will come in handy in communicating the message in your video. For example, if you want to create a subject who is mighty and powerful, the low angle is the perfect camera angle to use as it makes the subject literally look like a giant which will help give that intimidating look you are after.

You need to look at your subject really well so you use a camera angle that is going to be really flattering. For most people, the eye level angle is the most flattering to people with prominent facial features and works very well with corporate video production.

If you subject has a very slender face, a high angle will keep their face from looking to thin and boney, giving them a very flattering look. If on the other hand your client has a chubby or round face. The high angle should not be your first choice as it will make him/ her look chubbier which can be quite unflattering and the best angle is the eye level.

A low angle can also be used to make your subject look more mature and sure of him or herself. And is used on subjects who tend to have more of a baby face when the message they are conveying should be more mature.

Choose the perfect angle based on exactly what you want to portray in your video production.