Understanding The Leasing Methods

If you are looking forward to buying a van for your business, getting a commercial van finance would be beneficial for your company. You are advised to consider the leasing methods which will be available to you. You cannot hold an opinion that the financing will be similar to other types of vehicle finance which you may have received in the past. The requirements are different and the benefits coming your way will also differ, and therefore, you are required to make proper inquiries and only decide after you are certain about the type of leasing arrangement you want to have with the finance company.

Commercial van finance is available in two categories, and these are mainly involved in the owning or the hiring of the vehicle. Getting a finance lease is generally referred to as the hiring method.

Before you make an application for commercial van finance, you are required to understand that it will better for you to get a finance lease because it will give you an opportunity of owning the vehicle and also maximizing tax benefits while reducing the initial expenditure which you would definitely be required to set aside. You are just required to spend a small sum of money as an initial deposit and thereafter pay a rental over the term the agreement. When you decide to obtain commercial van finance with a lease over the finance, you can also claim tax benefits on any payments you make to the financier and take advantage of the payments against your taxable profits.


You also have the option of accepting a finance lease over the commercial van finance; you are only required to pay VAT every month and claim the money back quarterly if you are VAT registered. You just need to agree to a monthly repayment and a period for the contract which can also include a final payment which is acceptable or identified as terminal rental.

Do not rush into an agreement without understanding the terms and conditions properly because it could mean the difference between a good deal and a bad one. You could very well be in a hurry to purchase the vehicle but are advised caution against deciding on any particular type of commercial van finance, which is being offered. The commercial van finance you obtain must prove beneficial for you and your business, and unless you can get a good deal, you should be willing to wait and make further inquiries because it will serve your purpose in the best way.