Types of Roller Blinds and their Functions

Roller blinds are used by homeowners to block out light and make any room look more elegant without spending too much. Rollers can come in different types of materials like fabric, vinyl, lumber, or metal. Depending on the main purpose of the roller blinds, the homeowner has these choices:

Sheer or translucent roller blinds

Most homeowners prefer to use roller blinds made of sheer fabric in rooms where lots of sunshine will be beneficial. This type of roller blinds is also the choice of homeowners who prefer pairing blinds and drapes together for a unique look. Translucent roller blinds are usually seen in kitchens where an ample amount of sunshine is needed.

Sunscreen roller blinds

For rooms where the homeowner needs to let a soft light peek through, sunscreen roller blinds are installed. This type of roller blinds is effective in screening harmful UV rays. It protects furniture and other furnishings from fading by blocking out harmful rays of the sun. Although sunscreen roller blinds are dependable when it comes to blocking out the sun, it is still able to allow some soft light to get through even when the shades are closed.

Blackout roller blinds

Bathrooms and bedrooms need to be blocked from the sun and from passers by. To create the needed privacy, blackout roller blinds are installed by homeowners. Blackout roller blinds are especially beneficial to those who work at night and sleep during the day. This type of roller blinds blocks up to 99% of light so it is able to create the ambiance of night which helps the evening person to sleep soundly. For those working during the day, blackout roller minds can also block 40% of noise so they don’t get distracted. Black out rollers is also used in home theater systems where complete darkness is needed.

In addition to these three types, roller blinds also come in different fabrics, patterns, and styles. Roller Blinds may be made with cotton, silk, bamboo, rattan, and polyester so the homeowner has a lot of choices depending on his preferences. There are even roller blinds that are made with fabrics with designs especially made for nurseries and children’s rooms.


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