Types of Professional Negligence

A lawyer who provides his client with unwise counsel or uses a questionable legal strategy and makes critical errors which cause the client to lose the case or face a loss, can be sued for legal malpractice.

In such a scenario, an expert witness will be needed who can prove conclusively that the lawyer was acting contrary to the methods a “reasonable lawyer” would attempt, in order to support the claim of malpractice.

The same is true in the case of a doctor, or a highly trained medical practitioner who performs a medical procedure on his client without taking an informed consent from his client.

Failure on the part of the doctor to provide enough evidence or information to his client to change their mind, or provide information about alternative methods, before performing a medically challenging procedure on the patient can also be construed as medical malpractice.

Professional Negligence lawyer can also do a claim against business person, education professionals, or engineers and surveyors who provide service that is below the standards expected from them, and also below the standards provided by their peers.

As a manufacturer of goods, it is your duty to provide your customers with safe goods that are quality tested and approved. Any failure on the professional’s part to fulfill any of these expectations can be construed as professional negligence.

Personal Injujry – Keep aisles and walkways free

Avoid storing scrap materials and wastes in the aisles and walkways. Keeping the walkway clear is an important part of the housekeeping process, and it ensures that during heavy traffic times at the workplace there is no cause for workers to trip and fall and get injured.