Types of Paper Rolls Fit for Multiple Uses

Paper rolls vary according to the job that it is being used for and on the type of printer or machine that they are being used in. Various types of printers use several different types of paper rolls. Therefore, it is imperative that you use the right style of paper for your printer. There are three main types of paper rolls which are quite common and easily available. There are thermal paper rolls, lint-free bond paper rolls and wet strength paper rolls. They have different usage and different characteristics. So make sure that your paper roll supplies are stocked with the right type of paper that you require.

Types of printer

To acquire the correct type of paper, you first need to determine the kind of printer you have. One is the dot matrix printer, which are fairly common. A dot matrix printer uses a ribbon laced with ink to print images or text. These kinds of printer use plain paper rolls which can be either bond or carbon less, based on the type of your requirements.

The other is the thermal printer. These kind of printers use the application of heat to incite the chemicals in the paper to print. Thermal printers do not use ribbons laced with ink and require thermal paper rolls to properly function. If you are still unsure on the type of paper you require, you can use your fingernails to scratch out a little of the paper from the roll. If the scratch properly marks itself, be assured that it is thermal paper.

Hygienic tissue paper

Such type of tissue paper is commonly used as napkins, facial tissues, household towels and bathroom tissue. For centuries, paper has been used for purposes relating to hygiene, but tissue papers today have got a large function in industrial production and because of its new and improved production techniques it has become more useful.

Table napkins

These are also made from tissue paper. Table napkins are made from one to four piles and are obtained in various sizes, qualities, colour, patterns and folds depending on intended use. Its composition may vary a lot from chemical pulp to de inked depending on its quality. Table tissues are also available in the market in a large amount.