Try Family Accommodation Norfolk Island

Imagine a beautiful and lush island with jagged cliffs, sandy beaches, and pine trees aided by a local community with a laid back lifestyle. Norfolk Island is a place to look forward to as this green island paradise is located in South Pacific Ocean, approximately 35 square kilometers with a coastline of 32km. In family accommodation Norfolk Island feels like you have been secluded from the world. Its buildings have ancient architecture, which portrays a heritage from English ancestors. On this island, you will be able to see any port, railways, or harbors, or any roads for that matter. There are 80 kilometers of the lane across the island and cows do have the way.

Castaway Norfolk Island

Family accommodation Norfolk Island in this type is known for inviting and comfortable accommodation, with several rooms providing views of the central mountains. The place is a well-established subtropical garden, which includes palms and a banyan tree. Whether you select the serviced hotel accommodation or contemporary apartments, you’ll remember the professional, relaxed service of this family accommodation Norfolk Island type.


This offers 1 Bedroom Apartments with balconies presenting spectacular views. Aside from the beautiful apartments, it offers 1 House and 4 Cottages. The Routi House and Cottages are all spacious, private, and provide sensational ocean views. Situated in the Longridge district, particularly on the Coast, it is only a 5-minute drive from the shop and town restaurants, the local attractions and beach.

Cumberland Resort and Spa

From the tax-free cafes, shops, and restaurants of Norfolk Island, this has a 3-minute stroll. Only 5 minutes to the golf, beaches, historical area, and forest walks. This affordable and comfortable Norfolk Island accommodation provides single and double bedroom cottages and a 3 or 5 bedroom that is ideal for groups. Each has its veranda, overlooking the tropical features.

Fantasy Island Resort

This has it all, the heart of the town location, complete resort facilities, and valley and ocean views. Built in 4 and a half acres countryside, it offers a Studio, single Bedroom and two Bedroom with self-contained accommodation available with car hire, take away hot food shops, a florist, transit lounge and tour desk.

Whether you are a veteran traveler or just planning the first trip, there are unquestionably many decisions any prospective traveler must make. If you want to make your trip as memorable as possible, always remember that you are the only person who can make it happen. While Norfolk Island is already one of the best islands in the world, try searching for different and cheap accommodations that are found therein.