Tips on Designing Vanities for Small Bathrooms

Your bathroom is one of the most important places in your house, and for a reason. It is the first place you visit upon waking up and the last place you visit before hitting the bed. Hence it is highly important you maintain it well. You should choose your bathroom vanities depending upon your style, structure and the size of your bathroom. There are plenty of options to choose from when it comes to vanities. And if your bathroom is small, decorating it could be a major challenge. So choosing vanities could be tricky. They should be in accord with the size and style of your bathroom.


Cabinets are an important part of bathroom vanities. Cabinet-style vanity takes most of the space, but the hidden compartments and drawers will give you generous space. Make sure to study the measurements carefully before choosing semicustom cabinetry or stock cabinetry. Your cabinetry should perfectly fit the space. Depending upon your budget and size of your bathroom, your custom cabinetry may give you the desired effect and style. There are plenty of vanity cabinets which are designed specifically for small bathrooms. Some of the cabinets look like regular furniture that blends well with the style of your small bathroom. You will not only have a stylish vanity, but you will also save a lot of space.

Bathroom Designs

Remember that trendy designs and gadgets may not necessarily increase the value of your property. Rather, prospective buyers may not like the style or may be put off by the thought of having to demolish all those installations and redesign the bathroom all over again as per their own liking.

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When you are doing some home renovation projects in your bathroom, see to it that the fixtures will properly in it.