Tips on Controlling Excess Wastage of Toilet Paper Supplies at the Workplace


The act of self cleansing is incomplete without a roll of toilet paper. It is an indispensable part of everyday hygiene. A toilet at a workplace must have an adequate stock of toilet paper supplies. Misuse of this product has become quite ubiquitous. It has given birth to a wasteful society.

Need for the Controlling Measures

It is not possible to completely stop the use of toilet paper. But the whole concept requires a thoughtful outlook. Millions of trees have to be pulped every year to manufacture this product. The manufacturing process demands several gallons of precious water together with electricity. The chlorine used in the bleaching process does not have a salubrious effect on the health of individuals. So a certain amount of controlling measures must be adopted to save the environment.

Innovative Squared Shaped Rolls

Innovative measures must be encouraged to bring about a change. Stopping the wastage of this humble paper roll can indeed save a lot of greenery on this earth. Some innovators are trying to re-conceptualize the basic structural element involved in this mundane roll of paper.

The amount of paper that slides down the tube can be controlled considerably by giving the tube a square shape. The roundness of the tube makes the paper roll down with ease. Unnecessary wastage can be controlled by this.

Some of the tubes are given the human attribute of resistance. A tug is not always met with silence. As the paper rolls down the tube, there is an emission of displeasure from the attached metal dispenser. Your need is not met with silent compliance.