Tips on Caring for your Shade Sails

Shade sails are not used for the mere purpose of aesthetic beautification. They have a far significant role than that. They provide you protection from the harsh UV rays. It can ably enhance the pleasures of your outdoor activities. Both young and adults can benefit from this.

Continuous usage of these protective shields over the carports and entertainment areas make them undergo constant wear and tear. You have to take care of these necessary coverings which often act as an alternative to window protection.


Cleaning the sails is quite an easy job. They do not demand much finesse. It is as simple as turning on the oft used garden hose of your backyard. Some users suggest that high pressure cleaners can do the job best. Spray water from underneath to remove the unwanted dust or other particles deposited on top of the sail.
This type of cleaning can help you to do away with the bird droppings easily.

But some people are not in favour of using water at great speed. They fear that it can damage the sails.

Cleanser Used

Do not try to clean the shade cloth merely with water. It may not be enough. A mild detergent used for the purpose of dishwashing is best suited for this purpose. The pressure of the water must not be too high. Water hoses using low pressure is the ideal one for this purpose. A soft brush used for scrubbing on delicate surfaces must be one of your important tools. Do not blast the tardy fabric with a strong deluge of water.

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