Tips for Buying a Commercial Fridge

A commercial refrigerator is what you need if you are into catering or restaurant business. Also if you are into large scale entertaining a commercial fridge might solve your purpose. However you must look into certain factors before you decide to spend a considerable amount for it.


These are basically four types of commercial fridge. A walk-in fridge has huge storage space and can hold enormous quantity of goods. The stand up variety of fridge is built like a regular fridge, except the freezer and is stronger to handle more frequent usage. The glass door fridge is the kind you will usually spot in bars and restaurants. It provides a view of the contents stored and offers easy visibility. Sliding door fridge is also common where the doors do not open, but slide.


You must have an idea of your required storage capacity on a daily basis to determine the size of the fridge. The frequency of rotating the supply and quantity to be stored at once are also important factors.

Energy consumption

Large commercial fridges are larger than normal residential fridges. They consume large amount of energy and so you must have an idea of the electricity consumption and look for an energy efficient model. Energy star rated products are energy efficient without affecting performance. Some fridges come with Eco or Holiday mode, which considerably reduce the consumption in periods of reduced usage.

Maintenance costs

Commercial fridges have higher repair and maintenance costs. It is therefore a better option to purchase the latest model.