Tips for Bathroom Renovation

There are plenty of bathroom designs and bathroom vanity available in the market that you can use to upgrade your shower room. You can even hire interior designers these days to design the bathroom in the manner you want.

New and innovative designs meant to appeal to yours senses can be easily replicated in your bathroom. Complete your bathroom renovation in style by considering some important aspects.


Tiles are a feature that best define the look of a bathroom. It is vital to select good and durable tiles for your bathroom because the constant use of water either stain the tiles or erode the loosely fitted slates.

Hence, make sure that the tiles are of good quality and will not easily erode when exposed to water. There are many beautiful patterns that come in tile designs; select the ones that go best with the rest of the theme in your bathroom.


It’s important to consider the flooring of the washroom. Hence, go for flooring that will sustain wear and tear easily. If you have kids in the house, its best to use tiled flooring or floor boards as they can be easily mopped if water is splashed on them regularly.


It’s a good idea to put some storage units in the bathroom. Your shower creams, gels and other toiletry items can be easily stored in them. Lots of people also use this space to put extra towels or bathrobes.

Storage units for toilets come in various forms such as shelving units, fitted cupboards and standalone cabinets.


You can choose the sink designs from a varied range. There are low lying and tall design sinks that are custom made to keep your needs in mind. There are also wide bathroom sinks available that two people can use at the same time. As home owners, we see to it that our bathrooms are always clean, with this in mind the demand for glass splash backs have gown as it convenient to clean.

Showers and tubs

If you like standing showers, then work out the area of the bathroom that you want to utilize for this purpose. If you prefer a tub, think of the shape and design you want to install and the space you have available in your bathroom to fit it in.

These days you can also install a Jacuzzi in your tub, but make sure it is of good and durable quality. In standing showers, you can have jet pumps fixed that look absolutely amazing and make bathing an enjoyable activity. There are many types of showers, tubs and jacuzzi that can be seen in trade show exhibitions.


If you are installing state-of–the-art tubs and showers, it only makes sense to fix showerheads that will add value to the fittings in the bathroom. A good quality and powerful showerhead will make your bathroom look stylish and chic. Make sure any installation is done by a professional plumbing expert or a Handyman Gold Coast.

Mirrors and decorations

You can render a touch of class and sophistication to your bathroom by using creative art forms, Picture Framing Strathpine  and mirrors.

Bathroom renovation is an interesting activity and if done properly, it can add value to the overall design and look of the house.