The Usual Reasons Why You Have Blocked Drains

The problem of blockage is really an awful experience. There are tons of things you just cannot do such as flushing the toilet and dishwashing. Plus, the smell is really bothersome. The bad thing is that blocked drains occur when you most least expect it to and you are totally unprepared. The only solution is to look for a certified plumber online who can assess and give a solution to the problem of blocked drains. But what really are the factors that cause blockage to happen? To find out, the answers are explained below:

  • Nature has something to do with it. Leaves that fall off and not swept right away can cause obstruction for water to flow freely. The leaves and other dried matters can block the drains and this leads to blocked drains. Apart from leaves, the plant roots also cause obstruction. It is the nature of the plant roots to look for moist areas for water absorption. Unfortunately, this can lead to cracks and obstruction which result to blocked drains.
  • The materials of the water pipes and fixtures. Due to old age, the pipes and fixtures do get damaged and this can lead to blockage. The clay pipes are the most vulnerable to damage and that is why it works well if you will have your plumbing system checked regularly by a certified plumber so as to avoid any emergencies such as blocked drains.
  • Greasy matters are the leading reasons for blockage. The grease stays on the linings of the water pipes and if the grease accumulates to a bad level, this will cause an obstruction for the free flowing of water. As a result, blockage occurs and your kitchen sinks drain very slow.
  • Human hair in the shower area is another factor for blockage. Though this problem is very easy to remedy by removing fallen hairs regularly. But sometimes, we tend to forget and if the hairs accumulate every single day, this issue can cause obstruction that will lead to blocked drains.
  • The foreign objects that are flushed into the toilet bowl do cause obstruction. Baby diapers and sanitary napkins thrown into the toilet bowl will not drain fast and these foreign objects will only lead to obstruction and blocked drains.

By discipline and regular maintenance care of a certified blocked drains North Shore Sydney, the problem of blockage can be avoided.