The Two Sides Of Dating

The common assessment about dating random strangers according to many people in Australia has always ended up in two different factors, the first factor can be defined as the assumptions which people make before going out with their dates about it going good or bad and the other factor is known the consistency which leaves many people confused of a mediocre dating experience which neither ends on a good note nor goes bad. When it comes to applying these two factors on the phenomenon of senior dating over 40s, the results obtained depict the major pros and cons of this activity enlisted below:


1) Anxiety

Like every other date, senior dating people can also experience anxiety because of many reasons, the typical and most infamous reason of anxiety found in Australian senior people is because of the prolong time they have spent alone and it often feels weird to go out with a random age fellow which can cause the person to become hyper tense.

2) Heart breaks all over again

The biggest irony of many teenagers in Australia has been estimated to fall in love with people and experiencing heart breaks because of bad relationships. This factor still prevails in senior dating because sometimes the possibility of the opposite partner not liking the date can occur

3) All eyes on the couple

The feeling of watching two senior people in a restaurant having a quiet and peaceful dinner can be mesmerizing and gaze worthy however it may happen that the old couple may be on a date which makes the couples believe how people might be judging them to husband and wife, thus making both parties quite uncomfortable.


1) Loneliness solved

The biggest issue according to many Australian senior people is the loneliness they inherit because of spending time in isolation from the world of meeting new people and dating has been proved to be the missing piece of the puzzle.

2) Experiencing new friends

The overall aesthetic of what drives old people to carry on senior online dating procedures is the sheer excitement of having new friends, surveys done around Australia revealed how many senior people have opted for pets as their old age companion. The pets have however never been suffice to provide the human closure and this why the dating procedure turns out to be more exciting.

3) Healthy attitude

Having a companion in one’s life can be the main cause for motivation for different things; many senior people have medical problems which require slight exercise and movement. The presence of an opposite sex partner can drive and stimulate motivation in the seniors to participate in these endeavors to keep them fit.