The Current Trends in Bathroom vanities


A bathroom is your private space to relax and unwind. Bathroom vanities allow you to store washcloths, towels and other bathroom accessories. Vanities add on to the decor of the bathroom. If you are renovating your bathroom, you can go for the different trends in bathroom vanities depending on your budget and requirement. In addition, tailor-maid vanities in the bathroom offer you more space and storage capacity.

Strategically placing the sink and bathroom vanity will give you more storage space, walking room as well as stylise your bathroom. Fix a budget for this but do not compromise on the quality. There are many trends doing the rounds to accessories the bathrooms with bathroom vanities.

Stone benches

Stone bench vanities are made of natural elements such as stones or granite, which add on to the elegance of the bathroom. It is best to place stone bench vanities under the counter so that you can have more storage space. Stone benches dry quickly and keep the bathroom cool.

Modern glass

If you are looking for a modern and trendy look in your bathroom, glass can add to the style. You can mount modern glass vanity on the wall that makes your bathroom look contemporary. See through glasses or crushed glass designs allow additional reflection of light. This makes the bathroom Sydney look more spacious and bright.

Double vanity

If your bathroom is very big, you can opt for a double vanity with two bathroom basins. You also have the option of choosing two different cabinets under the counter or having just one long vanity that under both the basins.

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