Taking Good Care of your Seamless Epoxy Floors


Flooring is as equally as important as any aspect in the house or business premise and therefore should be taken good care off. Many home home-owners like adding aesthetics to their house through the magical touch of the floor. On the other hand many business premises also like guaranteeing the safety of their clients by ensuring safety in the floor. Seamless epoxy floors stands out as the sole unifying factors between these two distinct places ensuring quality is never compromised at any one point over the other. Find out more about epoxy floor coatings from Signature, based in the Brisbane area of QLD.

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Having our backs always there is no other way to watch over their backs too than to take good care of them and this is by:


Some stains such as rust stains may require light scrubbing with a kitchen pad. Gentle scrub on the coatings using hot water. If the stains resists use a soft scrub. Never use abrasive cleaning chemicals or comet on the coatings as this will destroy the floor.

Routine maintenance

Often observe routine maintenance so as to keep the seamless epoxy floors in good shape. This routine maintenance is best achieved with either a commercial dust mop or a soft bristle broom.

Hard foam mop

This is mostly in industrial premises where the floor gets soiled up. Sweep away any loose wreckage and then mop the floor with a hard foam mop, clear ammonia and hot water. This requires four to five ounces of ammonia for every gallon of water to adequately remove the soiling.

Use of door mats

This may prove to be so useful during entry. The door mats helps greatly in the removal of snow and water from the bottoms of shoes when entering the house or business premises. Longer mats may be required during extreme weather conditions such as winter.

Avoid cleaners that contain acids or soap-based cleaners

Soap based cleaners are slippery and should the floor get wet might lead to accidents. However they are not suitable with cleaning seamless epoxy floors as they leave a residue on the floor that only detracts the floor from the shine.

Other minor ways of taking care of the epoxy floor that might pass ones eye include: using welding mat when welding over the coatings, placing pieces of wood under jack stands when placing heavy loads and wiping off with a paper towel or any other soft cloth spills on vehicles drippings.

Taking care of Seamless epoxy floors varies with the intensity of the dirt stain involved. Regular cleaning and taking good care of the floor will ensure the floor remains in its perfect shape, maintain it beauty, and keep it glowing.