Some of the Drinks You Can Make With Coffee

There are wide ranges of flavoured coffee, which can be prepared by using different ingredients. Different flavours can be given to coffee by adding spices, syrups, nutmegs etc. Flavoured coffee gives you freedom of getting your desired taste.

Café Latte

Alteration or more revolutionary form of cappuccino forms café latte. The beverage consists of more milk. Café latte consists of steamed milk used in three to five parts of the beverage. There is little amount of froth also on the top of beverage.

Café Breva

Café Breva is made by half milk and half coffee or chocolate powder. This is also one of the types of cappuccino with little or no froth on the top of it.

Café Latte Fredo

Prepared by mixing espresso in cold milk in equal proportions, café latte fredo is used as a cold beverage. You can also use ice in the beverage and use it as a cocktail shaker. It’s also known as cold coffee.

Café Mocha

Mostly used in dinner parties, café mocha is prepared by mixing one part of chocolate syrup with one part of espresso and two to three parts of frothed milk.


Frappe is cold espresso and is prepared by adding coffee extracted from coffee beans, with sugar, ice and water. The beverage is served in big mugs with ice and milk and is enjoyed like milkshake.

While it’s nice to have something to kick-start your day with, it is also important to understand that caffeine, like other drugs, is highly addictive.