Software used for post processing in video production


Today’s technology has paved the way for creating the means of getting the desired output or perhaps even better. This fast improving technology is much more prevalent and widely seen in the video production industry as movies, television shows and even videos uploaded in video streaming websites have proven to provide viewers with a a much more improved form of entertainment. Here are three of the best known software used worldwide for post processing videos in video production. These are used by different levels from beginners to amateur and even professional video production company in Brisbane.

Adobe After Effects


Adobe After Effects is a video editing program used by both amateurs and professionals in the field of video production for creating special effects in their videos. Despite its name, the Adobe After Effects was created by the Company of science in Art and was further developed by Adobe Systems. Adobe After Effects is one of the most popular brands when it comes to media enhancement as Adobe products such as Photoshop and Reader are commonly offered and used. One of its best features is animating and editing regardless if the video is in 2D or 3D depending on the installed plug-ins and is perfect for beginners to master.

Apple Motion

For Mac users who dabble in video production, Apple Motion is the program used in order to create motion graphics and visual effects. Apple Motion is best known for its “behavior” which can be easily used by the user to animate objects or scenes such as throwing an object from one point to another using the throw behavior or the fade in/fade out behavior to make the object appear or disappear into the background. Another known feature of the Apple motion is the Head-up display which is a type of menu set in a semi-transparent box that helps video editors easily make adjustments to their work without being a cause of distraction.

Nuke by the Foundry

Nuke, which is a clever combination of the words New Compositor, is perhaps the biggest video editing software used by large video production companies namely Sony Pictures, Dream Works and Walt Disney and has been used in numerous films such as Resident Evil, The Hobbit and Peter Jackson’s King Kong which heavily relied on animations. Nuke is the software of choice for these companies as it was originally created and designed for big film productions be it movies or television shows. Nuke was only available for these companies until it was opened for public use in 2007.

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