Social Media Marking for Restaurants


Social Media has created huge avenues for marketing in all industries, this includes the restaurant marketers. Many restaurant and catering businesses have taken full advantage of social media to promote, sell and in some cases expand their businesses. The reason that social media is one of the most popular methods of marketing is that it reaches more people, and it is a cheaper and more effective method than traditional methods of marketing. While all social media sites are different and need to be used in different ways in order for businesses to benefit from them, there are some common methods that benefit a restaurant the most.

  • Insight and Promote Menu Items at the Same Time

Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are helpful for doing this. When you post a picture of a menu item, you are not only attracting more customers to the menu, you are also inviting them to come and try your restaurant. This is a quick and easy way of dealing with your marketing. A post can be seen by millions of people around the world. This is one of the main advertising methods that has created some of the most popular menu items in the world. It also encourages customers to take and post their own photos.

  • Advertise Special Offers

Some businesses run special offers for their customers on social media pages, from contests to special discount codes. Having a special hashtag posted can get more people to share photos, and posts to their friends and followers. This will help your business become more visible and help increase your business’s market base.

  • Ordering Online and Finding New Employees

In today’s world, you do not have to pick up the phone anymore to order lunch. Many restaurants allow you to order from their website, allowing you to log in from Facebook, and Twitter. Many times you can order, give the address for delivery, and pay for your order, all without talking to anyone. Foursquare has become a popular site to find restaurants that allow you to order online and pay over the internet, if you are planning to pick up your order yourself.

Finding new employees can be a hard task; however, social media like Facebook, and LinkedIn have made it easy to advertise and find employees. Many people who are looking for work will post their resumes on LinkedIn, making it quicker to find people and ask for interviews without having to wait for many people to apply.

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