Simulated Diamond Rings Buying Tips

If you want to own a piece of diamond ring but you have a very limited budget, then consider simulated diamond rings. The rings look exactly the same way as the real ones minus the price. Do not confuse synthetic diamond rings from synthetic diamond rings as the synthetic diamonds are composed of elements as the real diamonds while the simulated are composed of elements different from the real or synthetic diamonds. The simulated diamonds are made from different kinds of elements that is why it is advisable to know these elements before buying one for yourself. Listed below are the common elements or stones used in making simulated diamond rings and these are commonly referred to as stimulants. Some stimulants are artificial while others are not. Simulated diamonds can be made from either or the combination of both.

Quartz stimulant

Simulated diamond rings made from this natural stimulant have the same appearance as the real diamonds from afar. However, the refractive index is not the same as the real diamonds, thus, the quartz lacks the shine and scintillation of the real diamonds, which is one of the factors that make the diamond costs higher.

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Glass stimulant

Though the quartz has been used since ancient times, the glass has replaced the popularity of quartz around 1700’s. Simulated diamond rings made from this stimulant have higher refractive index. The only issue is its inability to withstand heat and it has a tendency to appear dull after a period of time.

White sapphire stimulant

This is an artificial stimulant which gained popularity around 1900’s because it gives brilliance, above average refractive index, and it is durable like a real diamond.

YAG stimulant

Simulated diamond rings that are made from this artificial stimulant may not have the high refractive index of a real diamond, but if the stone has an excellent cut, the simulated diamond may look exactly the same as the real diamond. The cut is one of the factors that make real diamonds expensive. The YAG stimulant is scratch-resistant and very durable.

Cubic zirconia stimulant

This is one of the most popular artificial stimulants used in making simulated diamond rings. It is very identical to the real diamonds and they are available in different colors. Though it is also durable but it has a tendency to lose its shine over time.

Moissanite stimulant

Though this stimulant has the most attributes like the real diamonds, it is not widely used as it is very expensive. This is the hardest among all kinds of stimulants used in making simulated diamond rings and it is able to withstand all kinds of temperatures, thus, it is the most durable among all stimulants.

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