Role of a Real Estate Agent

The function of real estate agent is to broker property deals. Property here could mean vacant land parcels, underdeveloped sites, private houses, commercial offices, apartment complexes, townhouses or apartment buildings.

Most agents deal with private property though some real estate firms specialize in generating income for investors by dealing in shopping complexes, industrial centers, hotels or motels.

Real estate agents offer a range of services like conducting a Comparative Market Analysis, giving property assessment reports, preparing advertising campaigns for property sales and providing property disclosure forms.

An agent might have to work with Building inspectors Melbourne, escrow companies, pest control agencies such as Pest Inspections as well as lenders to ensure that the property complies with the T&Cs of the mutually decided purchase agreements before the deadlines. Safe Guard have a full range of natural pest control and termite management solutions on offer for residences and businesses in the Sunshine Coast

Documentation is an important part of real estate agent professional duties as he will be responsible for preparing purchase agreements, representation contracts, closing statements, deeds and leases.

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