Ride With Ease By Choosing The Right Wakeboard For Your Ability Level

Whether you are a beginner or an advanced wakeboarder, investing in a good wakeboard is necessary so you can enjoy every minute of indulging into this type of sport. Wakeboarders have different shapes and sizes depending on your riding style and skill level.  There are few things you need to take into great consideration before purchasing a wakeboard and these are your skill level, the person who will ride the board and the style you want to use. While there is plenty of CWB wakeboarding options for you to choose from, you can narrow down your search by being familiar with these buying essentials:


Photo Credit : www.the-house.com

Determine The Wakeboard Size That Is Right For You

Knowing the size that works for you allows you to ride with ease. The size of the board depends on the weight of the rider. For instance, if the rider weighs 150 lbs, the board length should be from 138 to 146 cm. Some riders prefer smaller board as this allows them to spin faster. If you are an aggressive rider, you will also consider small boards the best option as this enables you to catch edges. However, if you want to ride smoothly, larger boards are recommended. You will have softer landings and the response time will be slower as well.

Be Aware of Your Ability Level

There is a wide range of CWB wakeboarding options for beginners and advanced riders alike. If you find it a challenging task to choose the right wakeboard, it is essential to know what your ability level is. Beginners are recommended to choose 3-stage rocker board as it is equipped with rounded center rails. It allows you to control your speed especially if you are new to wakeboarding. Intermediate riders have already learned some tricks and they also need a different board shape so they can continue to progress. Advanced wakeboards are intended for those who are not afraid to ride aggressively on the water. More often than not, these boards are made to withstand the demands of advanced riders.

Add Some Wakeboarding Accessories

Vests are important when wakeboarding because they give you more freedom to move and minimize serious crashes. The vest you choose should be according to your chest size. You will be able to determine the size by checking the diameter. Aside from wearing vests, you also need bindings. Bindings are intended to keep you in place. Look for bindings that fit perfectly and will not slip off your feet. Avoid wearing too tight bindings as these can also cause feet cramps. You can also check out CWB wakeboarding accessories so you will know what other options you have.