Responsibilities of a Chef

A restaurant chef is the absolute master of the kitchen. He supervises all culinary and related activities in the establishment for which he works. The chef uniform such as chef hat and chef pants commands immense respect, among not only the kitchen staff, but among other employees as well. The kitchen is entirely his domain. He is answerable for any situation that arises in his kitchen, good or otherwise. His job entails enormous responsibilities.

Maintain Inventory

This is the foremost job of the chef. The chef manages an inventory of all items required in the kitchen. These include food supplies, pots and pans required in the preparation of food, tableware and even kitchen devices.

Deals with Vendors

The chef organizes deals with different vendors, for procuring kitchen supplies at reasonable rates. He maintains a good working relationship with them to ensure good business.

Planning the Menu

The chef decides upon the menu. It is his privilege to select the items for the menu card and to fix the portions and prices. The chef also chooses the day’s “special” item in the menu for promotion.