Regulations in the Construction of Granny Flats


The advantages of owning granny flats Perth are numerous. The flats can be used by your grown-up children who may prefer to have some form of independence but not willing to completely leave the comforts that a home provides. The flats have an ample space for one bedroom, for a kitchen, and for a dining area. If your kids are in the process of building a house of their own, they can use the granny flats as temporary starter home with their own families. Apart from that, the flats are also good investments. Since you have an enough space at your backyard, why not turn this space into something more fruitful and income-generating? These granny flats can be rented out for a good amount of money. You also have the option to enlist the flats for tourists. There is a growing trend among travelers where they prefer to stay in a home environment where they can cook their own food. This is much cheaper compared if they will rent a room in a hotel. Thus, you earn an extra income just by staying home. If you are still paying a monthly amortization, the income from the flats will be of great help to you.


The granny flats will also increase the price of your home significantly. So if you are considering of moving, you can sell your property at a much higher rate.

Take note that there are some regulations to follow when constructing granny flats. There are certain limits when it comes to the size of the backyard as well as the size of the granny flat. Below are some of the regulations that you need to obey, but depending on where you live, there are other regulations that you have to understand before the construction of granny flats:

  • You can only construct one granny flat for every block.
  • If you dwell on a dual occupancy block, you will not be allowed to construct a granny flat.
  • Consult your City government regarding the allowable size of granny flats that can be constructed per block.
  • The granny flat can be constructed as a stand-alone building or as an extension of the main house.
  • Be aware of all the building codes in your area.
  • You are allowed build the granny flats anywhere in your backyard but it is still advisable to seek the advice of the City government personnel.