Question – what is Bain Marie?

In one of the recipes for chocolate fag I have encountered the following instructions. Melt the chocolate on Bain Marie.

what does it mean?

Bain Marie is a pot, it is a hospitality supply where there are hot boiling water underneath it (very important do not touch the water!!) A bowl that inside of it the chocolate is melting, cooks from the hot steam.

The cooking on the Bain Marie is very delicate since what causing the heat is the water steaming from below. If when the pot will touch in the hot water, the temperature will increase and then instead of melting the chocolate gently it can burn due the high temperature.

There for the chocolate is actually melt from the water steam which warming up the pot where the chocolate is… (great for commercial kitchen) therefor it is very important to lower the fire from the moment the water heat so their will not be strong bubbling which will spray hot water on the top pot.