Qualifications of a Real Estate Agent

Your real estate agent Stafford Heights may be an independent professional working on his own or managing his own firm. He can also be the sole representative of a brokering firm or an employee of a brokerage. Either way, you must check whether the person you are going to entrust with selling your property has a valid license. Another way of checking is to ask your agent whether he has undergone a course from the Property Development and Management Package or the Property service Training Course which is certified by NQC (National Quality Council).

There are many institutes in Australia which conducts such courses but not all of them offer the same standards. You can check online about the reputation of the training school/ institute where your real estate agent Narangba has attended the course.

Ask for references and conduct some research

You can ask your friends/colleagues to give you some references of real estate agents. It’s always better to choose amongst referenced agents as you will be entrusting your house keys to that agent. Another option is to search online for the good property brokering firms in your area.

After you make a list of at least 10 real estate agents Lawnton, call them up one by one. check here. Reject the ones who do not answer your calls back in a short span of time or seem lacking in patience. For the rest, schedule interviews and meet them in person. Ask the agents to carry a CMA (comparative Market Analysis) of your area when they visit you.