Professional Carpet Cleaning for Healthier Homes

For healthier homes, professional carpet cleaning is recommended at least once a year such the Thrifty Carpet Cleaning Service. Thrifty have nearly 30 years combined experience in carpet cleaning and offer a premium residential and commercial service anywhere in Sydney. It is true that you may be vacuuming your carpets every single day, but that is not enough. Your eyes cannot see the mites and the eggs that have been making your carpets their homes. Furthermore, household vacuum cleaners are not strong and powerful enough to reach the deep layers of the carpets. But if you will avail of the professional carpet cleaning services, your carpets will be totally cleaned and free of allergens.


The carpet cleaners will guarantee you that no matter how dirty the carpet is, they will transform it into healthier and cleaner carpets. This is because of the methods that the professional carpet cleaning services employ in treating the carpets. Upon arriving at your home, the professional cleaners will look and analyze the condition of your carpets. Then they will move all furniture so they can treat all corners of the carpets. Vacuuming is the first thing that they would normally perform, but the professional vacuum cleaners will not just use ordinary household vacuum cleaner but rather they would use the industrial types which have more powerful suctioning action.

After vacuuming, the professional carpet cleaning personnel will use either the dry or the wet method of carpet cleaning. The dry or the quick dry method is much preferred as this will allow the use of carpets in two hours after the treatment. One example of quick dry method of professional carpet cleaning is the encapsulation method where the professional carpet cleaners will apply a cleaning solution which will then be agitated so it would spread on the carpet. The dirt would adhere to the cleaning solution and then crystallized. The crystallized dirt turns forms into capsule-like appearance and ready to be vacuumed with the use of industrial vacuum cleaners. The encapsulation professional carpet cleaning method is very effective in removing stubborn dirt, animal dander, mites, and the eggs. Other methods of carpet cleaning are also employed such as the bonnet method, steam cleaning, and carpet shampooing.

Regardless of the method of carpet cleaning that will be used, you will be guaranteed that your carpets are healthier as allergens are removed, dirt and other hardened debris are all eliminated after the professional carpet cleaning services. The result is clean, sweet-smelling, and healthier carpets. Your home will no longer be the conducive place for mites to dwell and multiply.