Preparing For A Face Paint

All of us want to have fun, right? Some want to swim, play some sports or want to play video games. Another way to have fun is by doing face paint, this is not a dangerous game like the other games. This only requires your creative or imaginative mind and your skills when it comes to drawing. Doing face paint is a good thing; it can increase or take your drawing skills to the next level. Nowadays, lots of people want to try having face paint, so if you are already an expert with this, you can make this into a business.

Here are the steps on how to do face painting, first you must be relaxed and stay focus on what you will do. Gather all the materials that are needed, when buying paints, make sure that the paint that you’ll buy is the correct paint. Remember to avoid using markers, pen, a watercolor pencils and an oil-based paint, it can damage your skin which is not good.

The paint’s partner is a brush. Take note that there are different sizes of brushes, so I suggest that you should buy different sizes for best results. Be careful in choosing a brush, there are brushes that can irritate your skin, so you have to choose carefully. Makeup sponges can be a great help when doing face painting, because you can use this to paint the big area in your face.


If you want to have better result, you can buy glitters, this will add sparkle to your creativity, but always make sure that glitters are quite round and is also made of polyester, or it is an FDA approved. Don’t buy those glitters that are not cut round and are made of metals because it can ruin your skin, especially if your skin is quite sensitive. If you are not that good when it comes to drawing, others usually use some stickers and tattoos for temporary face paint. With the help of those, the result will still look good.

When you are doing a face painting, be sure to choose the right place to do this. Don’t choose a place that is crowded, never in a place that has a lot of furniture, make sure that there are only 2 to 3 persons in a room because it would be hard for you to concentrate and they might bump into you and that will ruin your design. Now, after gathering all the things that are needed and looking for a place, you must think of a design that you want; a design that you are comfortable. If you are looking for professionals, contact the face painting service from Gold Coast.

Of course, never forget to have a mirror when doing this, you can’t possibly make a nice face paint if you don’t have any mirror, it is impossible. And the last thing that you must prepare is that you must have wipes, just in case if you messed up your design, then you can easily remove it with wipes. Having a face paint means having fun!