Pointers on Installing a New Air Conditioning Unit

Installing a newly purchased airconditioning unit is a job that requires a some technical knowledge. There are also things that you need to consider in order to effectively maximize it’s features. In some cases, you need to hire a professional Air Conditioning installer to have it install for you. Check the things below before installing the AC unit.

Get the permit

Some homeowners or business men might have to apply for a permit before they install their air conditioning system. Let’s look at the conditions in which you might need to take permission.

If your air conditioning unit is attached to the wall that faces a public road you will need to take permission before installation. If you are thinking of installing your AC in front of the building line or the primary road you again need to take permission. The safest thing to do here is to ensure that your AC unit is installed in an area which is at a minimum distance of 450 mm from any type of boundary and its height (of installation) is not more than 1.8 mm.

If your property is listed as a heritage site you cannot wall mount the AC unit. A good way to be sure is to check your neighbours’ home. If he has installed an AC without trouble or legal hassles you would probably face no problems during installation.

Points to remember during installation

Your AC installation must be done in a way that doesn’t affect the structural strength of the building. This installation process should not decrease the fire resistance offered by the walls.

You need to have a word with your AC unit supplier and ensure that the noise made by the unit is not more than 5 decibels above the surrounding noise levels. Your AC unit should not produce noises loud enough to disturb your neighbous at night.