The Top Reasons Why Having Photobooth Hire at Your Wedding is Still Awesome

So having photobooth at a wedding is now a popular concept, does that mean it has to die off? Of course not! Apparently many people think it’s now cliche to have a photobooth on their big day. Remember it’s your day! Do whatever you want to do and don’t let anybody else tell you otherwise. Here are some reasons in favour of getting that photobooth hire Melbourne:

Customizability and Flare. Every single booth is different in some way shape or form; therefore you’re not going to end up with the exact same thing as someone else. Yes, Photobooths have become popular, but I’m still surprised every time I see someone’s new shoot from their wedding. Every wedding is different. The theme will be different, the people will be different, and the amount of alcohol in the people will be different ;-). These things are a recipe for fun when you put your guests in charge of getting their own photos done at the booth.

The Great Escape. Lots of family, lots of fun. Sometimes you want to step away and have many other things to engage in and wouldn’t it be great if Uncle Joe had something better to do than hit the bar? The Photobooth Hire will be there for several hours, so people can leisurely make their way over and get their pictures done and you will have a great collection for your wedding without doing any work yourself. This will have a very personable feel and you can save the professional photos to your photographer.

The New Guest Book for the New Age. Think of your Photobooth Hire in this fashion. We’re in the age of digital everything, people communicate through video and picture more than ever now. Instead of just signing a guestbook, why not have the photobooth itself be the way guests show their support and show that HEY they were there!

The Average Guest is not going to be like you. You’ve spent hours and hours looking for inspiration for your wedding and you’ve seen tonnes and tonnes of Photobooth Hire opportunities among other things. You’ve got the dreaded wedding fatigue! Maybe you’ve recently attended a wedding for your best friend and you are trying to outshine her. Relax! The average guest is not going to many weddings and is not looking for wedding inspiration, so they will love the idea of a Photobooth Hire many will not have ever done it before and will have a blast.

One Final Point… Everyone is obsessed with taking pictures of them now, hello! Selfie-sticks anyone? The Photobooth Hire will not get old anytime soon.