Pay TV or Free to Air – Which is better?

Everybody has now come to an understanding that if it’s free it isn’t that good enough. Premium is the way to go. But you can afford the luxury of a choice only when you have the money. If you decide to buy a pay TV, you will be required to install digital antennas in your house.

These antennas help to bring you high quality picture and sound while you enjoy your favourite show on TV. There are many who cannot afford the luxuries of pay TV and hence have to make do with free to air television viewing. You will find many companies enticing you with amazing offers on purchase of pay TV.

Time bands

If you are somebody who works in shifts, it must be very frustrating for you to switch on your free to air TV in the early hours and find nothing but home shopping shows. Pay TV instead has proper sitcoms and shows running at that time. There are always days when you just don’t feel like going to bed and hence buying a pay TV makes much more sense than free to air.

The funny thing is that those who have money to pay for pay TV and install digital antenna mostly will be from the working class. So apart from night-shifters you basically work in the day and sleep in the night.

You can always watch great free to air shows while switching channels to watch high quality picture and sound premium shows at the same time.

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