Party Furnishing and Accessory Checklist


Tables, chairs, drapes, kid’s chairs, party umbrellas and table linen are necessary parts of your furnishing list, moreover there are specific furnishings for wedding celebrations,  see wedding furniture hire Perth. Your linen and drapes should match the overall décor. It would be best if you have themed costume parties.

Trestles including small kid sized ones and cocktail bar tables are other party hire equipments you will need. Matching mats, napkins, helium balloons, customized menu lists and paper decorations can be rented from a party hire agency.

If you have kids coming to the party popcorn and candy vending machines are accessories you can consider having. Jumping stuffed animals, bouncing castles, bucking bulls, customized Disney characters and joy slides are few other items which are offered on party hire. Remember your target audience and your party theme while renting the equipment and you are sure to have a stunning event. See Hawaiian Party Supplies.

Kitchen and Bar Checklist

The restaurant bar essentials are going to include Carafes, jugs, ice tongs, soft drink dispenser, cocktail shakers and beer jugs. You might also want to hire Punch bowls, champagne buckets, wine wells and wine glasses. Remember to calculate the estimated number of bar crockery leaving a decent margin over and above your guest list; you don’t want to fall short of glasses in the event of extra people. A good idea is to order a lot of Regis glasses as they will complement all kinds of drinks. Make sure you have all the supplies you need to throw a party.

The general glassware will include salad bowls, milk jugs, sugar bowls, salt and pepper containers, candle stands etc. You will also need coffee percolators, food warmers, stockpots, tea urns and carvery. Basic crockery items like silverware/stainless flatware/chinaware including plates, cups, bowls, saucers, knives and spoons should be ordered. If you have limited budget to but new equipments, you can always check kitchen equipment rentals as they are a lot cheaper.