Most Commonly Found Kitchen Equipments in Eateries


A cup of good coffee demands that the coffee grounds must be disposed off swiftly. A square shaped wooden external is he most sought after option .The PVC inserts must be flexible enough to facilitate smooth cleaning. It must be dishwasher safe too.

Large knock boxes are best for commercial purposes. Some of them can contain within itself almost 50 to 55 double pucks and has rubber bars. The rubber bars are further strengthened with the use of stainless steel.

Choose the material carefully. It helps in mitigating the unpleasant banter of the portafilter. Always place non-slip rubber pads at the bottom. It will help it to remain static at a place for a long time.

The waste tube is an important appendage of the whole unit. It is considered as a great accessory for commercial purposes.

Coffee Tampers

A large variety of tampers are available in various designs. The lower portions are generally made of wood. The satin finish of aluminium adorns the top.

Adjustable tampers are real show stoppers. They can maintain a steady pressure on the ground coffee. The pressure can be adjusted according to your needs. Check out Commercial coffee machines.

Tamp mats can reduce the presence of unpleasant patches. They act as protective shields.

Conveyor toaster

This is useful when you are serving hot breakfast in the morning. This allows you to toast as many as 300 toasts when you are going houseful during peak hours. The standard of cooking is unified so each of the toast pieces will be toasted in the same temperature. It is also a great asset when you are catering to a wedding or party.

Deep fryers

This equipment is used for fast food like finger chips or nudges. It has a basket so that you can strain the excess oil while frying. As a result, the chips are not too oily. In addition, there is a timer that gives you an alert once it is done cooking. In fast food chains, this is widely used so that it can cook quickly and in large quantities.