Top Internet Marketing Strategy Mistakes A SEO Company Will Fix For You.

Not making sure you’re using the correct on point keywords. This is a major issue, some people will think they’re doing a great optimization job when in fact they’re actually drawing people into their site that are looking for free information, as opposed to people who are potential customers.

If you are using global keywords when you only offer local services you can run into some mismatch that can lead to waste in your internet marketing effort. Having keywords that are simply too all encompassing that you’re encountering unneeded competition. Maybe you’ve hired an SEO Company, but have many people working day and night trying to defend your first page ranking, when you could instead have A SEO Company will help you to be as specific as possible with your keywords because while broad-based keywords might bring you a lot of traffic, that traffic isn’t doing you much good if it isn’t converting into sales. You want to have the right traffic with a good conversion rate.

Stop focusing on getting as many link as possible. Quality is what is needed, especially since Google Panda. You should take your time and try to get a link from a much more popular blog, forum or other site because search engines put a high level of trust in these sites, meaning a link from them will have a much greater effect on your site.

As far as links are concerned be sure to:
● Get focused, specific links that are custom-tailored to your website and industry.
● Try to avoid getting links from spammy content, such as adult content, gambling and other “SIN content” that will provide you with a bad reputation that you don’t need.

Stop using cheap article content mills for your content. Any SEO Company will tell you that content is king. Having the most unique content possible is what will have the most profound effect on your internet marketing strategy. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t contract outsider writers, on the contrary you definitely should; however, there are wide arrays of different qualities from different writers you can choose from. You should consider avoiding article spinners and non-native writers by paying more than a cent a word to your writers. Remember quality pays!

At the end of the day you need to be considering what conversion rate you’re getting as it pertains to the amount of visitors you’re getting to your site. If you have low quality or spun content on your website it’s going to leave the impression that you’re just trying to drag people in or that you don’t deserve the pagerank that you have.

If you’re proud of the content on your site, visitors will know and appreciate it. Check out for more details.