LPG Forklifts

LPG forklifts are best for outdoor construction work as they are immune to all kinds of weather problems. The forklifts are powered steadily and there is no sudden fluctuation in performance. LPG forklifts are adept at meeting performance demands from heavy applications that require continuous duty for line torque like jobs comprising of chiseling, ramps etc.

These forklifts produce significantly higher drive line torque at very low Rotations per minute (RPM) as compared to its electric or diesel counterparts. LPG or Propane forklifts do produce emissions but they are not as harmful as diesel emissions.

Ideal places to use LPG forklifts

The fact that the introduction of electric forklifts has not been able to hamper the LPG forklift itself proves that there are multiple unique advantages of the latter. If you are operating a warehouse system which employs a large fleet of forklifts which run on multiple shifts LPG forklifts is your best choice.

The maintenance and battery replenishment costs are generally weighed down by the advantages of economies of scale. Again if your work schedule demands that your forklift is used both indoors and outdoors then there is nothing that will meet your requirements of a strong steady performance better than an electric forklift.

No fuss operations

Again electric forklifts have stringent requirements pertaining to amperage and voltage. The existing electric set up of many sites may be incompatible to such demands. LPG forklifts run on propane and they require no adjustments in the set up of the work site. Where cost and convenience is the issue LPG forklift definitely score higher than electric ones.