Kids Party Games

Children love parties be it birthdays or Halloween or Christmas parties. They look forward to the cakes, ice creams and take away gifts. Nowadays there are kids party supplies stores that have all kinds of readymade fancy items you need to make the party a success. Party games are one of the most important aspects of a children’s party. If you don’t conduct good entertaining games, then the party can become a yawn-fest.

Pin the Donkey’s Tail

This is a classic party game. This popular game can be played by all age groups. You would need some pins, a blindfold and a picture of any tailless animal (doesn’t necessarily have to be a donkey).

Each kid takes turn to pin the tail blindfolded. The pin closest to the target wins. You can even do variations of this game.

Pinning the tiara on the princess, patch on the pirates and turtle in the sea are some of the popular variations of this game. Readymade kits are also available in kids party supplies shops.

Pass the Parcel

This is an all-time favorite party game. Children sit in a circle. When music starts, they pass around a parcel. Whoever is holding the parcel when the music stops has to leave the game. The last child to remain holding the parcel wins.

Good party games can bring a party alive. However remember to keep the age group of the children in mind while organizing party games. So visit the nearest kids birthday supplies and plan a great party with some fun games.