Innovation Patent

Innovation patents can safeguard your intellectual property and formulae from imitation for up to 8 years and is granted for inventions that do not meet the criteria for a standard patent application. Compared to standard patents, an innovation patent is pretty cheap and relatively quicker to obtain.

Unlike a standard patent, innovation patents do not require any examination before they are granted and so, you can obtain the innovation patent for your process or method or product or device within 30 days after filing a completed application. Standard patents ask for ground breaking, pioneering inventions.

Innovation patents only require one innovative or creative step which makes your invention different from things known so far. As the inventor or creator of your product, you can use the innovation patent for protection of every single stage or step of development involved in the research project.  For the protection of your intellectual properties, it is best to hire a legal expert.

This helps to thwart unscrupulous imitators and minimises a few of the commercial and financial threats. Innovation patents are ideal for products with brief market lives that will go down under once better, more technologically advanced products are launched into the market.

How can Patent Attorneys help in this regard?

Patent attorneys Brisbane perform a number of jobs including filling out your application with proper documentation and backing your invention with research, handling appeals, petitions, going to trial and obtaining the patent wasting as little time as possible. Not only is hiring patent attorneys convenient for they make your job easy for you, they also prevent errors and delay.

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