Human use of solar energy

Solar energy is around us plenty, in higher quantities then the human needs, but their is technological barrier to of producing and collecting it especially in the means of using for transportation and electricity. Its strong disadvantages of this energy is its high costs, the energetic cost, irregularity due to clouds, seasons and ocean cycles, availability in areas with not much sun and the difficulties to store it.

Thermo solar energy

Thermo solar energy is the type of solar energy not well known to the population, unlike photo-walt energy using the solar power panels that can be seen plenty on top of houses and buildings.

Thermo-solar energy isn’t for small systems but only for big arrays of manufacturing solar electricity. Part for producing electricity, thermo-solar energy is what being used for water heating using solar power panel Brisbane.

Thermo solar energy means usage of the sun’s heat to produce electricity, following centring the heat into large boiler, producing steam and moving turbine manufacturing electricity, so essentially the process is simple and there isn’t conversion of electromagnetic from the sun into electricity.