How to Take Care of Newly Polished Timber Floor 


Timber floor polishing takes a long time and if you would like it to stay this glossy forever then don’t allow water droplets to accumulate on your floor. A handy micro mop will absorb all excess moisture and prevent water marks or streaking.

You can add a little amount of methylated spirit to water before dipping your mop in it to get rid of sticky and stubborn stains on your floor. In case there is spillage on your floor, soak up the liquid as much as you can by a sponge and then carefully wipe away the remnants.

What you should never do to your timber floor

Make sure that you don’t allow grit, dust and sand to gather on your floor. These materials especially sand cause minute abrasive marks on the surface of your floor which in time will ruin the effect of the timber floor polishing Ipswich.

Never use excessive water on your wooden floor as it will swell from inside when it absorbs the extra moisture. Water should be used in carefully controlled amounts. High heels look gorgeous but are deadly for your timber floor and will leave permanent dents.

Make sure you don’t walk around in high heels inside your house. Another thing you should never do is to use random cleaners and household detergents on your wooden floors. Any product you should use should be especially formulated for wooden floors otherwise just stick to a damp mop for cleaning.