How to Prepare for Floor Sanding and Varnishing


In order to maintain the beauty of your wooden floor, you need to perform floor sanding and varnishing. Floor sanding and varnishing does not only preserve the look of your floor, but also lengthens its life span of your floor. When it comes to floor sanding and varnishing, proper preparation should be done in order to have the best results. Here is what you should do to prepare your floor for sanding and varnishing:

•    Remove old varnish. Varnishing is done to protect wood surfaces. It makes the wood look more shiny and new while protecting it from dirt, moisture, and molds. Before floor sanding and varnishing is done, it is necessary to remove the varnish. Chipped and damaged varnish may be removed using a chemical varnish remover. The old varnish should be removed properly until the wood surface is smooth.



•    Repair the defects. Floors are always prone to wear and tear. They easily get stained, scratched, cracked, or split. Before you can perform floor sanding and varnishing, you have to make sure that your floor has none of these defects. If you find any, you need to repair them. Make sure that the gaps are filled. There are fillers that can be bought from your local construction shop but you can also make fillers by mixing saw dust with wood glue. Make sure that the filler you use matches the color of your floor.

•    Check for molds and mildew. Once you are able to fill the gaps and repair other defects, check your wooden floor for molds and mildew. Make sure to remove them with a vacuum cleaner. To prevent molds and mildews from reappearing, using special coatings that can protect your wooden floor. Before starting the actual floor sanding and varnishing process, remove all dirt and dust particles. It is necessary to make sure that the floor is smooth and clean so that the floor sanding will be done properly.

Maintaining the cleanliness and beauty of your flooring is necessary. It is not only very pleasant to look at but will also be a lot safer for your family. Brisbane floor sanding service can help you have clean and brand new looking floor.