How to Claim Industrial Deafness Compensation

Industrial deafness is a permanent illness, it means there’s no medical treatment that can cure this type of illness and only wear ear protection is the only way to avoid having this. People who are working in a noisy environment are most likely have the higher chance of having this deafness that is why it is important that the worker has an insurance so when the time comes that the worker is suffering in this type of deafness he/she can claim a compensation.

If you know someone, or you are experiencing the symptoms of the industrial deafness do not hesitate to see a specialist so that you are aware if you already have this or not so that you can actually claim your compensation.

In this article, we will tackle on how you can get compensation.

  • Before you claim your compensation there are things that you need to consider, you need a certificate that diagnoses your industrial deafness, without this you aren’t able to claim your compensation.
  • You can claim if you are under of the Workers’ compensation and rehabilitation act of 2003, temporarily unemployed but still have a plan to work so you are still be considered as a worker or if you are retired claim your compensation within 12 months.
  • They will advise you to see an audiologist to attend a hearing assessment so they can determine the extent of your hearing loss.
  • After knowing the extent of your hearing loss, they will give an offer about the percentage of your hearing loss plus the lump sum compensation amount. Take note that you cannot receive a lump sum in the first 5% of your hearing loss.
  • Once your compensation is accepted you can claim your compensation every 3 years from the date that you first claim your compensation.

It is really important that you claim your compensation; you can get benefits with that. As this illness is permanent, it means that the treatment is lifetime and of course treatments are not cheap especially hearing aids, but if you claim your compensation you don’t have to worry about the expenses of the company where you are working is liable for that.

Industrial deafness is not a joke, it is a serious illness that is needed to avoid although it’s not passable but of course, every one of us can have this especially if you are exposed in a high volume environment.

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