How to choose Commercial Appliances?

If you’re in the catering business or have been running a restaurant for quite some time now, then nobody would know better than you about the indispensability of maintaining the highest levels of quality in your operations. That would mean conforming to the highest standards including but not limited to sourcing raw materials, preserving them, preparing dishes according to customers’ specifications, delivering or serving them in a seamless manner.

Therefore your choice of commercial appliances like ice and refrigeration units, microwaves, steamers, rice cookers, beverage consoles, ice crushers, food buffet etc should be prudent. Apart from their invoice price, you’ll also need to factor in the cost overheads of energy usage, maintenance, servicing, replacements and repairs when you purchase commercial kitchen appliances.

Utility aspect

You’ll need to first make a list of the commercial appliances that you’d specifically need depending on the nature of your hospitality business. There are almost an endless line of kitchen utilities available both through online and offline means.

You can take your pick from microwaves and commercial ovens, commercial fryers, griddles, charbroilers, sandwich grills, steamers, cookers, heating and warming kits, commercial buffet equipment, countertop equipment, commercial dishwashers, commercial fridges, green kitchen equipment and so on. Each and every piece of commercial kitchen unit has its specific use.

You might need to go in for a specific set of equipment if you’re into commercial catering that’ll be different from the set that you’d need if you have a restaurant. Of course, some appliances are used in both the areas like refrigerators, microwave ovens, cooking range, dishwashers and so on. Gather complete information about each equipment and compare prices of different brands for every unit.

Did you know that one of the considerations that you need to check when buying these appliances is your kitchen design? You read it right. It will surely affect your buying decision.