How to Avoid Food Wastage at Your Restaurant?

The hospitality sector is one of the most lucrative sectors in business but food wastage is a major problem plaguing most hotels and restaurants. If you are in the restaurant business, you must intrinsically hate wastage in hospitality food supplies. Well, there are a lot of techniques and tips you can use in your restaurant to reduce the volume of food wastage.

Plan your purchases

Your menu planning will ultimately have a great impact on your food wastage volumes. You need to be careful and calculative while buying hospitality food supplies. Always verify the level of your existing stock and then order for fresh items. This is especially true if the items are perishable.

Keep the seasonal variations in mind while planning your menu. For example, you are likely to get more customers at vacation times. If you are ordering fresh organic items, learn to ask for accurate quantities so that there is less wastage. Designate a specific employee to be in charge of maintaining supplies and coordinating with suppliers. There are also online stores wherein you can shop organic products.

This will result in greater clarity and improved communication channels. Bulk purchases are economical only when you are sure of using the entire stock before the expiry date. Always use seasonal fruits and local vegetables as they tend to retain their freshness longer.

Supervise the food preparation

A lot of food is wasted during cooking/ preparation so it’s necessary to exert tight control over your kitchen. Instruct the kitchen staff on cooking food at optimally designed schedules so that there is less chance of wastage.

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