How House Painters Prepare Your Home For Exterior Painting

One of the biggest reasons why people hire house painters Adelaide is to have the exterior of their homes painted. After all, this is a big undertaking and can be dangerous when you don’t have all the right tools. Luckily, professional painters can get the job done quickly and easily and they will make the whole house appear flawless. There are a few things they have to do to your home in order to prepare it for painting. They will need to pressure wash the home, scrape and sand any chipping paint, and prime the surfaces so the paint will look even in tone and application. Once completed, your home will have the elegant look you were dreaming of.

Pressure Washing the Home

The first step in preparing your home for painting is to pressure wash your home. This is necessary because paint has a hard time sticking to dirty surfaces and you will end up having to repaint your home in a shorter period of time. The house painters will take their time going over every single surface of your home to remove dirt and debris as thoroughly as possible. In some cases, damage may occur as a result of this pressure washing, but it is generally something easy to fix with a couple nails or some glue. Once dried, the home is ready for the next step in the process.

Scraping and Sanding Chipped Paint

Much more time intensive is the scraping and chipping of paint on the outside of your home. Professional house painters take their time to look over the entire home. They look for any pint that is lifting or has come completely off of the home. They will then use scrapers and sandpaper to get rid of the offending paint chips and smooth the surface. Rough surfaces are harder to paint and could lead to chipping in a shorter period of time. This process does take a lot of time to complete, but it is necessary if you would like to have the flawless flat surfaces you’re looking to have.

Priming Surfaces for Painting

The last step before painting your home is to prime the surfaces for painting. The paint primer helps to flatten the surfaces from sanding and scraping as well as creates a surface paint can easily stick to. Some paints include primer in the paint, but it doesn’t have the same look or feel as paint that has been applied to a surface that has been properly prepared with primer. Good house painters know this and they will not cut corners by using a paint and primer combination. The primer will have to dry before it can be painted over. Many companies work in teams to paint homes. This means that while one painter is pressure washing the home, another is scraping a sanding, another is priming and yet another is painting the home. This way, a lengthy process is consolidated.